Door Supervisor

Door Supervisor Courses from Train2Excel

This course is for those working as a Door Supervisor or those wishing to begin work as a Door Supervisor.

On successful completion of the course and passing the required examinations, delegates will be able to apply for Door Supervisor license which will allow you to work as both a Security Guard and Door Supervisor.

In order to take part in the Physical elements of the training you will be required to declare that you are fit to partake in the training.

Course Syllabus

Unit 1 Mandatory (All Sectors)

Unit 2 Working as a Door Supervisor

  • Introduction
  • Controlling Entry
  • Door Supervisors and the Law
  • The Use of Force
  • Arrest
  • Licensing Law
  • Searching
  • Drugs
  • Recording Incidents
  • Reports
  • Emergencies

Unit 3 Conflict Management

  • Recognising and Assessing Risk
  • Communication Skills
  • De-escalating conflict situations
  • Resolving conflict
  • Post incident considerations

Unit 4 Physical Intervention

  • Introduction to Physical Skills
  • Disengagement Techniques
  • Escorting Techniques